Vegan Potlucks in Whistler

For 6.5 years I organised monthly vegan potlucks in Whistler and they were a lot of fun! But now I am taking a break from organising Earthsave events while I focus on some other things.

However, some lovely members of the Whistler vegan community have taken it upon themselves to organise their own potlucks and keep the vegan deliciousness going! They are posting their vegan potlucks in the Whistler Vegans Facebook group, so please join the group and keep an eye out for the posts. And if you’d like to organise your own, please do!

As a general rule, most potlucks ask that you bring a vegan dish to share, your own serving utensil and your own plate and fork. Some potlucks may also ask that food is whole food plant-based and does not contain any processed ingredients, including any salt, oil or sugar/syrup. Each potluck will specify the requirements so just read the description in the event listing.

Join the Whistler Vegans Facebook group.



About Earthsave Whistler (91 Articles)
Earthsave Whistler is a chapter of Earthsave Canada, a non-profit, educational organization promoting awareness of the environmental, health and ethical consequences of our food choices.

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