Spread the word, save a life!

ESW“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” ~Margaret Mead

We can sometimes feel insignificant when looking at the problems this world faces, and whilst we may not be able to change the world for everyone, we can certainly change someone’s world.

I believe that sharing our knowledge is a powerful way to change someone’s world. Just one shared book or movie could significantly change someone’s life. It could help a person improve their health; it could influence a person to no longer eat animals, changing the animal’s world; it could inspire a person to live in a more sustainable way, benefiting everyone’s world. Sometimes all it takes is sharing just one book.

For me it was two books.

The first one radically changed my world, and the eventually the worlds of thousands of animals. I had enquired to a local animal organisation for some information on helping animals, so I could share it in a newsletter I had started to raise money for animals. Nothing could have prepared me for what they sent me. A booklet contained an image of a dead cow with a bolt lodged in her head, hanging with a pool of blood beneath her. You can imagine the impact this had on an 11 year old!

I couldn’t see the difference between this cow and my dog and I was shocked and disturbed at the way our society uses animals. As soon as my parents allowed, I was a vegetarian and not long after that, vegan. Fast forward 20 years and I am proud to say that I have changed the world of approximately 2,000 animals, simply by choosing to eat plants instead.

The second book that had a big influence on me was The China Study. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I understood the significant impact that a plant-based diet has on our health. I had heard that Bill Clinton had gone vegan after reading The China Study and I thought to myself, ‘Bill Clinton went vegan!?! I HAVE to read this book!’.

I’ve seen a lot of sickness in my family – heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes.  My family always ate a pretty standard meat and 2 veg diet.  We ate our fruits and vegetables, we didn’t drink soda or eat too much ‘junk’ food.  But we never knew the impact meat, dairy and processed foods could have on your health.  In his teens, my brother developed a blood sugar condition similar to diabetes.  And when he was 26 years old he passed away from complications from his condition.

As I was reading The China Study and learning so much about nutrition I was suddenly met with a sinking feeling. It was dawning on me that if my family had known this basic information about whole, plant-based foods, perhaps my brother may not have died. Whilst I reflected on this with a somewhat heavy heart, I also realised that the information I held in my hands was very powerful.  It literally had the power to save lives.  One book, just one book, could be all it takes to save someone’s life.

So don’t be shy…share the wonderful, powerful knowledge that you have! You just never know when what you share might save a life, whether it’s a life of someone you love, someone they love, or an animal ‘someone’.  Just one book might be all it takes. It can be hard to share sometimes, as often people are not ready to hear your message. But one day, when they are ready, they will remember that book you gave them and they will be so glad you shared with them.

Here’s to compassion, love, plants, good health and sharing!

Thank you,



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